Welcome to the WEB MAKEMACHINE, in the one which can find a great variety of products, guideed products of course to the Industrial Machinery. Upon navigating by our web, can find the projects that appear in the frame of you indicate, with the particularity of the fact that at the same time that you are observing the said product features, you will be able see it in full operation. Below we happen to detail some of the points that with the years have carried us to give the sufficient guarantee to our clients. Let´s go with them!

- We are a company specialized in the construction and machinery marketing for industry of the plastic, for container and flexible bags.

- Our experience is soared to 20 years, in those which have been accomplished a great variety of projects, of the which some are we presented them in our WEB.

- Our workshops possess the last technology in mechanized and manufacture.

- We possess an own technical office, with several ingenier to study yor idea and to propose you the best solution.